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Initiatives & Campaigns

What We Do

We are engaged in a series of initiatives to raise conditions of life for our beneficiaries and achieve our goals. 
Give a little to make a big impact. You will be surprised at how far we can stretch a dollar. We invite you to join our cause by donating or volunteering.

Due to the galloping demography and the economic crisis, homelessness is becoming more crucial and negatively affecting underprivileged families. The impact of Affordable and stable housing in society is significant and various: household stability, Economic security, improved health care, and better educational outcomes for children. Access to quality, affordable housing helps create a stable environment for families and children by reducing frequent family moves and the risk of becoming homeless and increasing household security. When you donate to our homelessness program (PEHP), you provide a resource for people to prevent or get out of homelessness.

In many rural and urban communities, children don't have the chance to get an education. Some of them lack resources like uniforms, books, or other school supplies, putting these children behind without the support to go to school. In developing countries, for the poor economic situation, most children drop out of school to support their families and never return. Education deficiency increases the probability of drug involvement, gangs, and other hazardous activities. The lack of education is putting people into a cycle of poverty. When you donate to our education program (CEP), you provide the resources for children to have a good education and secure their future.

Most of the world's poorest people are women. Very often, it's women who serve as the primary family caretakers and producers of food even though they are the most impoverished. Unfortunately, economic opportunities aren't always equal. But when women have the financial resources to help support their families, their communities can go far away. One of the missions of the International Association of Rural and Urban Development is to end the learning inequality between women and men. IARUD help poor women to learn the necessary skills by training them for economic opportunities. Please donate to our women's program (WEP). Your support will change their financial situation no matter where they live, in rural or urban communities.

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