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Activities and Realizations

What We Do

Here are some activities and realizations that IARUD achieved in view to impact our rural and urban communities and make change through action.


Prevent and End Homelessness Program (PEHP)

Donation of blankets to homeless people in Denver by IARUD. Our mission; help them stay warm in winter.


Women Empowerment Program (WEP)

Six out of 10 of the world's poorest people are women. In Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, and Niger in West Africa, 48 and 65 percent of women live in poverty. Very often, it's women who serve as the primary family caretakers and producers of food and must shoulder the burden of tilling the land, grinding grain, carrying water, and cooking."

"Economic opportunities aren't always equal. But when women have the economic resources to help support their families, there's no limit to how far their communities can go." (Women thrive worldwide-Washington DC)                                                                           

One of the missions of the International Association of Rural and Urban Development is to end a learning crisis between women and men. IARUD help poor women to learn the necessary skills by training them for economic opportunities. This year in Burkina Faso, IARUD is helping more than three hundred women by teaching and giving them the support to make soaps and sell them. This skill can change their economic situation no matter where they live, in rural or urban communities.

With your help, we can fight against the hunger that hits women and girls. In addition, we can change the economic situation of Sub-Sahara African women.


Children and Education Program (CEP)

Education is an essential factor to consider if developing countries want to get themselves out of poverty. So, it is relevant for development because, through education, people can acquire technical knowledge essential to progress. For example, in most African countries, the education system has a lot of problems because kids drop out of school before their elementary diplomas. This critical education situation dives the nations into a cyclical situation with many unsolved problems, such as its low level. Furthermore, this situation is moving those countries away from their progress toward development. For example, the primary school dropout rate is critical. “In 2014, the percentage of students from a given cohort who have enrolled in primary school but who drop out before reaching the last grade of primary education is 47.2% in Togo.” (UNESCO,2016).
International Association for Rural and Urban Development is working to improve this situation by helping more children attend school in developing countries.

Donation of desk, chairs and school's materials to needed school in Benin-West Africa.

International Association for Rural and Urban Development (IARUD) donates school supplies to support children at Kati Orphanage- MALI

Donation of school supplies to underprivileged children to support them going to school at Ouagadougou -BURKINA FASO

International Association for Rural and Urban Development- IARUD  

School supplies donation to underprivileged children at Lomé-TOGO

International Association for Rural and Urban Development (IARUD) is working to save our children from ignorance. Education is the key for urban and rural development.

We serve our communities!

Let us work together for a better world.

Christmas with IARUD at Denver,Colorado.


 At Christmas, IARUD give a smile to many needy and underprivileged kids. Christmas gift to school needy kids at Accra - Abelenkpe.


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