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Programs & Services

What We Do

As a leader for our cause and in the community, IARUD offers programs and services to raise awareness and make a difference for our mission.

IARUD’s programs are specifically;

Creating skill qualified adults by educating those with limited opportunities in vocational skills.

Raising the educational-literacy level of all at risk children, orphans and otherwise.

Raising the homemaking, childcare and home crafts skills of single mothers and at risk women through education.

Raise the community’s sense of responsibility towards the environment and preservation of their natural resources through education, reforestation and erosion prevention efforts.

Forming and funding women’s groups. Encouraging women to take a bigger role and to be accepted in that bigger role in overall society as well.

IARUD is constantly working to influence change in policy, not only in our cities, but our states and countries. We also reach out to the public and media outlets to educate them about our organization.

Our Partners

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